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Aircraft Hangar
  • Can I pump fuel at any time?
    Yes, we offer self serving fuel stations!
  • Do you have a courtesy car?
    Yes. A Ford Windstar. You can call 740 820 2300
  • What is there to do near the airport?
    Check out our Tourism page
  • Do you offer rental cars?
    We do not, but contact the local Enterprise at (740) 354-5030
  • Do you have rental planes?
    Please contact Steven at Houk Air for scheduling and pricing at
  • Do you offer aircraft maintenance?
    Please contact Rise Up Aviation, LLC. -General Aviation Mechanics: Josh Green A&P (740) 935-2618
  • Do you have a pilot's lounge?
    It's coming soon!
  • Where is the nearest hotel?
    Please check out our Tourism page.
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